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Hot, Heartwarming Fiction by Jennifer Dunne
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Catholic Central High School - Troy NY (1979 - 1983)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Troy NY (1983 - 1988)
Syracuse University - Syracuse NY (1988 - 1989)
Interests: (34)
bdsm, board games, books, broadway musicals, c.s. friedman, charmed, chris deburgh, dancing, ellora's cave, embroidery, fantasy books, farscape, games, harry potter, hugh jackman, jackie chan, knitting, magic, mini-golf, occult, paranormal, phantom of the opera, reading, ritual magic, romance books, romantica, science fiction books, singing, stained glass, thorne smith, ticket to ride, vampires, witchcraft, writing
Jennifer Dunne is the author of over a dozen "Hot and Heartwarming" novels and novellas -- see her webpage at for latest releases, awards and reviews.

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