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Been a while...

Huh. This is an entirely new format for the site layout. I don't think I'm fond of it... :-)

I have been away for eons and eons, it seems. Ever since the post-sharing between LJ and FB that I was using was disabled, I've pretty much only been over on FB. No good reason other than sheer laziness. :-) Now I see that there's a new and improved post sharing function that will automatically post from LJ to FB, I may be posting here more often. ;-)

So, what's up? First, the big news -- we're going to be moving to Costa Rica! Not anytime soon, mind, however, we have purchased land in a permaculture community and will be starting the process of building a home.

The still fairly big but not nearly as big as moving to Costa Rica news -- we're partners in a business for repairing people's credit and creating lines of credit for businesses. I did a video about how to improve credit score that talks about the big secret I learned while editing the do-it-yourself credit improvement book our partner wrote. My credit has always been good, but there was one black mark on it, since 2009. I refinanced my home, at the same time as I flew back east to get married then left the country for my honeymoon. When I returned, all of the auto-payments for things had gotten messed up, including the final payment for the old mortgage. I got everything else straightened out, but since the old mortgage was a closed account, I couldn't get the bank to do anything about it. I've been trying, every time I get my yearly credit report and see it's still on there, to fix it. I finally found out what I'd been doing wrong, and got it taken off my credit report in only a month!

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