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Once a student, always a student

Woot! So, I'm taking this AI class through Stanford's distance education program -- not for credit, it's an experimental class to see how the delivery mechanism works for them. But other than that, I believe it's pretty much the same as the in-person class.

This weekend was the midterm. It was "open book" (or, in this case, open video lecture). We just got the results back, and I scored a 91%. I am feeling pretty stoked. Especially since I never bothered getting the text book. ;-)

What's amazing to me is that my Master's degree was in AI, back in the dark ages. And all this stuff that's being presented in the Intro level class? Most of it hadn't been invented yet when I was studying the field. I mean, Logic? Yeah, sure. But all the other stuff? It's the first time I'm hearing about it. (And the section on probability? It's even weirder than regular probability.)


Deal of the Day on Thursday

My book, "Illicit Programming", the erotic SF romance about two people from a communal society who rediscover pair-bond love, has been named the Deal of the Day at Eros Books.

Starting promptly at 11am on Thursday, a limited number of copies will be available for $.99. They are sold on a first come, first served basis, so don't be late!

A zero net game

Saturday: Finished state and federal taxes. Getting refund. Yea!
Monday: Paid refund money to plumber to rebuild honeybear's toilet. Boo!

From which we learn that:
1. Never ever use toilet tank drop-in cleaners, unless they specifically say that they do not damage rubber. "Safe for toilet" simply means that it won't eat the porcelein.
2. When toilet valves start to go, they make a peculiar high-pitched whistling noise that sounds a lot like a smoke alarm.
3. Cats who love water love to watch plumbers work on toilets.
4. Good plumbers are those who ask for the cat's opinion on their work before telling the home owner the job is done.

A perfect 5 out of 5

Not sure why this didn't automatically post from my website. Maybe I only hooked up the posting to go to my Facebook feed? But just wanted to let you all know that I got a perfect 5 out of 5 / Reviewers Top Pick award from Night Owl Reviews for Anne's Birthday Bachelor.


A helpful beah am I

So, if you were going to get help from someone for moving, which of the following would be the most helpful?

Poll #1774354 helpful moving choices

The most helpful thing someone could do would be:

Help clean out closets / declutter before move
Help wrap and box for move
Help spruce up (paint, patch, decorate) interior of house for sale
Help spruce up (dig, plant, trim) exterior of house for sale
Help "stage" house for sale
Provide good home for books
Provide copious amounts of beer and pizza
Other (describe in comments)


The Canterbury Tales video interviews

Follow the link below to see the video interviews of the cast of The Canterbury Tales, to meet the awesome people I've been hanging with for the past few months.

You Tube Video


Happy #2, Honeybear!

So yesterday was our second anniversary. Where did the time go?

I was totally consumed with The Canterbury Tales (dress rehearsals on Wed and Thurs, opening night Friday, matinee and evening performance Saturday, matinee, strike, and cast party Sunday) this weekend, so didn't plan anything special. We went into Boulder where a friend treated us to lunch at a fantastic little Italian restaurant. We were going to eat at the Elephant Hut (featuring nonstop videos of elephants painting, as well as framed pictures painted by elephants) but it was inexplicably closed for two days.

Then, we took advantage of a Groupon coupon and went to a bowling alley, where we got shoe rentals, two games each, a pitcher of soda, and appetizers for under $20. My games totally tanked (60 and then 80) but the important thing was, it didn't bother my hand/wrist/shoulder AT ALL! This was really the first test, before being able to go back to the gym and start working out again. And I really NEED to start working out again, because the reason my scores were so bad, is that I lacked the muscle strength to keep my wrist straight against the weight of the ball, unless I moved Reeeeeeeeally sloooooooowly. But exercising before the shoulder was all healed would have been counterproductive.

So it was a lovely anniversary present from the universe. :-)
I've got a job interview on Monday, which fortunately coincides with every major department store holding a one-day clearance sale this weekend. So I was able to get a lovely summer suit to wear to the interview for only $37. (Original retail value was closer to $300.) Honeybear brought a book and hung out in the mall's comfy chairs while I shopped.

After our shopping expedition, we went to a friend's housewarming / birthday party. The husband's business is an online kitchenwares store, featuring super-high-end appliances. You know, the kind they use in restaurants, because they'll burn out or break the stuff designed for household use. So I declared their new house "The House That Blenders Built". (This may have had something to do with the margaritas they were mixing...)

Once most of the guests had left, the five of us remaining played a game of Ra. I'd played it once -- maybe twice -- before, with pbray and jpsorrow, years and years ago, and hadn't recalled it being much fun. It's a lot better with five players. But when the scores were tallied at the end, I turned out to be the winner, with a score of 42.


Writer's Block: Going the distance

Would you uproot your life and move to another city for someone that you love?

I did. :-)

Head desk

Ugh. So, my email and a common password were in the 75,000 or so that got hacked a while back. Thanks to pbray's eagle eyes, I found out about it quickly, and changed the important passwords. (Where "important" = "anything touching a bank account") I'd known enough to keep my email passwords, bank account passwords, and primary shopping (paypal, ebay, Amazon, etc.) passwords unique. But there were some gaming sites that had credit card info for auto billing, and others that really should have had unique passwords.

... such as Facebook.

I changed the password, but since I'm almost never on Facebook, didn't notice until TODAY (like, 3 weeks after the fact) that a rude comment had been inserted into my profile, where I hadn't seen it in my flurry of password changes.

Ugh. *head desk*


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